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    Original Exam Papers

    We provide original examination papers which students will not have seen before, set by assessment experts.

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    Feedback Data

    You will be provided with reliable examination results along with feedback for learners, teachers and parents / guardians that is designed to ensure rapid progress.

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    Performance Reports

    High quality performance reports by cohort and by teaching group.

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The Assessment Box can help YOU!

How valid and reliable is your tracking data?

Well, schools collect a lot of data but have you ever asked what it actually is? What is the data based on? How reliable is it? Without accurate assessment data and feedback learners cannot be given the information they need to improve and a school cannot plan appropriate interventions to help those who need additional support to achieve.The data you will receive from us will be based on a test, marked by experts currently working in assessment and it will be at your fingertips and you will be able to plan for examination success!!

Teacher Workload

Marking of mock examinations is one of the most important tasks in the year but in a modern school it has become one task, often a rushed one, on top of many others. So, teachers are often left to mark mocks without training, standardisation or support. This is not the way to obtain reliable progress data. In additions to this, teacher workload is an increasing issue. Whilst day-to-day marking by the teacher is essential, for the mock examinations this service is surely the way ahead.

The problem with using past papers for mock examinations

In many specifications there are very few papers to use for assessment purposes and all of them are in the public domain. Your teachers won’t set the paper that your students finally sit. Also, there’s always the temptation to teach to the paper in the run-up to the examinations, whether consciously or subconsciously, and this will not give you a realistic picture of where students are. Essentially, having an external paper sent to the school helps to replicate the real assessment experience the students are preparing for.

The money issue...

This service will provide your students, parents and teacher with reliable high-quality assessment feedback. Budgets are tight but there can be few more important things than helping your students achieve the results they deserve.

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3





  • Original papers designed to meet the new content for 9-1 GCSEs
  • Marked by senior Examiners
  • Providing you with detailed guidance on how to improve
  • Ideal for Year 10 mock examinations in Summer 2017 and essential for your assessment points for next year

Endorsed by School Leaders…

  • It has been a real pleasure engaging with The Assessment Box for GCSE Maths and English support. They came highly recommended by a number of schools and certainly lived up to their reputation, providing an entirely bespoke package for the school. I fully recommend their services.

    Jane Chan Principal, Bartley Green School
  • We worked with Assessment Box last year to develop the accuracy of our assessment in English. Students sat an additional English Language mock exam, which was marked by Assessment Box and returned to us within a week, with a detailed report on students’ strengths and weaknesses. The question level analysis provided really helped to sharpen teacher’s teaching of exam skills in the lead up to the real examinations in the summer. Our results in the summer were excellent and exceeded our expectations.

    Ciara Emmerson Deputy Headteacher, Heartlands High School
  • The Assessment Box enabled me to quickly identify areas for improvement and with the support of their consultants, bring about rapid school improvement. The results for Darlington School of Mathematics and Science show stratospheric improvement with 20% of grades A*/A (an improvement of 19%) and 3 and 4 levels of progress in Maths and English increasing to above the national average for the first time in the history of the school. The support provided by Assessment Box was amazing and the proof of its effectiveness is there to be seen in our results.

    Moira Green Consultant Principal
  • Lordswood Boys’ & Girls’ Schools used The Assessment Box to supplement examination preparation in English and Maths. We were very pleased with the flexible assessment programmes that they were able to offer.

    Jane Götschel Executive Principal, Lordswood Boys & Girls’ School